Comments and Testimonials

Catherine advertises her editing expertise, but she is really a coach. She maximized my strengths and helped me identify and tighten the weaknesses in my writing. Most of all she was a sounding board and encourager. Because of her, I landed my first children’s book contract with one of the big publishing houses.

Heidi King, author, The Beach Lady, forthcoming from Putnam Books for Young Readers

I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Catherine. Her insight, her patience, and her willingness to bring clarity to my writing was amazing. There are a lot of editorial services available today, but Catherine’s personal attention, and gentle guidance is one in a million. I really felt like she was 100 percent with me through the whole process and I could call her at anytime to get her thoughts. And that’s pretty special.

William Meyer, author, The Secret of the Scarab Beetle, Sleeping Bear Press

Thanks to Catherine’s insightful, patient guidance with my first middle grade novel, the manuscript attracted the attention of an agent in a very well-respected agency. If I had shown to agencies what I produced prior to having Catherine on board, I would have been unceremoniously shown the door. Her suggestions for story development and character behavior improved the manuscript greatly. I’m on my second novel now and I wouldn’t dream of trying to do this without her.

D.C. Sayre, author

Before we were introduced, Catherine was described to us as a “world-class editor.” After working with her, we wholeheartedly agree. Catherine’s industry expertise and story insight have proven invaluable to our middle-grade adventure series. It should also be noted that she's an absolute pleasure to work with.

Patti Wheeler and Keith Hemstreet, authors of Travels with Gannon & Wyatt

When I heard Catherine speak about editing at the Tennessee Williams Literary Festival in 2011, she was organized, insightful, and approachable—three personality traits she carries over into her editing process. Catherine always delivered her edits to me on time, with a keen perception for story arc, voice, and the placement of details within the novel’s structure. She worked as a partner with me, offering suggestions for revisions that made a more compelling story.

Kathleen Schrenk, author A Dog Steals Home, Pelican Press

I have had the great good fortune to work with Catherine on many projects through the years. She is an enormously creative, astute, and thoughtful editor. That is not only my opinion; I hear it from the staff here who work with her, as well as from the authors she works with. Catherine is always the first person I turn to when we need freelance editorial help here at Viking. There is no one better.

Kenneth Wright, Vice President and Publisher, Viking, Penguin Young Readers Group, Penguin Random House

Catherine is great. She is smart, experienced, thorough, and diplomatic. (I could pile on a bunch of other superlatives—patient, tenacious, and unflinching come to mind—but she’d just suggest I cut them.) She has a surgeon’s eye for detail and she grasps the whole. There are suggestions she made, both major and minor, that made the story so much stronger that I don't even want to talk about it.

J.T. Allen, author Daisy and the Pirates, Sumus Press

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Catherine as a consultant for several years now and could not be happier with the results. From insightful critiques to spot-on line edits, she has been a valuable resource in helping us focus and develop our middle-grade line. Our authors have enjoyed working with her as well.

Barb McNally, Sleeping Bear Press

Catherine is one of the most insightful editors I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Whether she’s helping an author dig up the essence of a novel’s plot or finding a logical way to organize a complicated nonfiction project, she has a seemingly innate ability to bring clarity to confusion and order to chaos on the page. But what appears to come effortlessly to her is also the result of her many years of experience honing her skills. Her editorial letters are smart, clear, and to the point, and her precision as a line editor will leave authors satisfied that they’ve gotten their projects into the best possible shape under her guidance. She is a consummate professional--organized, responsive, thorough. She is also a lovely person you will feel lucky to get to know. I certainly feel lucky to know her and to have benefited from her wisdom and perspective.

Kendra Levin, editor Viking Children’s Books

Catherine pushed me to explore aspects of my novel I hadn’t considered. But while pushing, she was never “pushy”--she was exceedingly pleasant to work with!

Ginger Rue, author, Tig Ripley, Sleeping Bear Press

Working with Catherine has been a joy from start to finish. Her editorial direction and style of comments introduced me to a whole new way of creative thinking and writing. Being somewhat of a novice in the children’s book category, I remain extremely appreciative of Catherine’s guidance in navigating me through the landscape.

Laurie Brown-Nagin, author and founder Operation REScute, Inc.

A story is in a delicate state in its early stages. And for a lot of writers that’s an uneasy place to share your work. Fortunately, among Catherine’s great gifts is the nurturing influence she brings. She has a talent for creative problem solving that’s informed by her many years of editing, so her gentleness is tempered with great insights. But really above everything else, she is truly a joy to work with!

J.C. Baldwin, author

I'd heard about how effective Catherine was prior to working with her, but I was truly impressed with the progress I made with her services. She grasped the heart of my book almost instantly. She asked the right questions to open up my mind. She knew just how to let me know an idea was not working while still being encouraging. She is warm, engaging, brilliant, grounded, and delightful. In terms of workflow and dynamic, she seems very adaptable, and I appreciated how organic our process was. She brought a calm and gentle structure to the experience. Considering this was my first time writing a children’s book, Catherine helped make my work meaningful, fun, and artful. I look forward to working with her again!

Maggie Chang, author/illustrator

Working with Catherine has been a wonderfully eye-opening experience for me as a writer. She gently shepherded me through the editing process so that I was able to carve out a much stronger narrative from the earlier drafts of my manuscript. Her expert guidance has helped me to become more confident in my writing and her insightful questions have made me think more deeply about the story I am trying to tell. Catherine has been a kind and patient sounding board and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an invaluable breakthrough to take your work to the next level.

Melissa Bellanca, author

I brought Catherine the bones to my manuscript, and she guided me to bring breath and life into it. She was very specific on areas of my manuscript I should improve to make it the best it could be. I appreciate her keen eyes in the areas of plot and character development while considering my vision for the story. Catherine is also very positive and easy to work with, and I feel fortunate that she was referred to me by a top literary agent (or I may have never found this gem!).

Ipuna Black, author

Catherine is experienced, intelligent, and encouraging — a perfect combination for a children’s book editor. Her one-on-one workshop sessions have been invaluable for my novel revision process. Catherine identified the plot problems. Together we found the narrative solutions. I am indebted to her.

Whitney Stewart, author

We enjoyed working with Catherine. She displays sensitivity, creativity, and precision in a single fell swoop. We look forward to our next project with her.

Book Publisher, New York City